“Such a wonderful inspiration to all of her students.”

— Chablis Jenkins —

“She was really the angel in my life in college who shepherded me through to start my career.”

— Responding to Elaine Fluker’s interview question on who she would thank in life besides her mother (December 2016)

Charreah K. Jackson

Senior Editor, Essence Magazine

Professor Yanick Rice Lamb served as my print journalism sequence coordinator, honors thesis advisor and professor for several core courses in the Department of Journalism in the four years leading up to my graduation in 2010.

One of her unique strengths was the ability to foster a culture of innovation among her students and sustain the level of excitement and commitment needed to bring innovative ideas to fruition.

In 2008, a group of students and I embarked on what was then considered, a very ambitious and path-breaking media project—starting a national online arts and entertainment magazine headquartered on Howard University’s campus titled 25 Magazine.

Lamb’s advisement and training on the fundamentals of magazine journalism, multimedia convergence, production and newsroom organizational processes proved quintessential as 25 Magazine grew from a staff of five to a cross-functional team of nearly 50 students. The magazine proved to be a success and was the recipient of several technology, journalism and entrepreneurship awards.

Even more, in 2009, several media startups began to emerge on campus as a result of the Department of Journalism and Lamb’s demonstrated support for innovative entrepreneurial endeavors.

Lamb possesses a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment to educating and training young journalists. Her role in shaping the academic careers of her students is invaluable and alumni consistently credit her as a catalyst for their post-graduate success.

Lamb is undoubtedly an asset to the  School of Communications and I am confident that she will continue to add value to the Howard University community.

Kendra Desrosier

Global Partner Communities Lead, Content Operations, YouTube, Google Inc.

Who is/was your most significant mentor and why?

This is hard since I have had so many great women guide me. I will narrow to two. Yanick Rice Lamb, my professor at Howard University who was fundamental in my start, opened so many doors and helped me land my first internship at Upscale magazine my freshman year.

Charreah Jackson, now an editor at Essence, with Yanick Rice Lamb.

Charreah Jackson, now an editor at Essence, with Yanick Rice Lamb.

Is It Always Better to Give Than Receive?

Simply put, hell yeah!

On Thursday, I went to submit an application for a Hearst Award (one of journalism’s high awards for students) to my mentor and favorite professor, Yanick Rice Lamb. I had completely forgotten about the contest until she emailed me and the rest of the Hilltop staff about it. So I take my application and her desk is a lot more busier than usual.

I get my last signature from Dixon (chair of the program) and am about to tell her have a nice weekend, when I remember the papers on her desk. So I ask, “Need any help?” She thinks. She thinks. She says. “Yeah, can you copy this?”

It’s her application for an awesome fellowship for her and two other journalists to research and report on some of the effects of Hurricane Katrina. So I make the copies and go back to her desk. She has a huge stack of papers, five copies of resumes, lengthy clips (including one that is 16 pages long) and other things needed for the application packet. So I spend the next hour sorting the papers, making a few more copies and even watering her plants.

It’s weird a person who does sooo much for other people. She really had to think of what I could do to help her, since she is so used to doing things for herself. So once we got the copies sorted and got my application squared away, she says thanks. And I don’t even feel right saying you’re welcome.

Because I only gave a down payment on the countless reference letters she has given me, support and advice she has made the time to give to me and other priceless moments where she has inspired and encouraged me. This former editor of Heart & Soul, BET Weekend and Child magazines, current editorial director of H&S, author and superwoman is my inspiration and gave the living spark I needed to think I too could make it in magazines. So it definitely felt good to give to someone that I have received so much from!

To all the Professor Lambs who give tirelessly and seek no shine.

Charreah Jackson

Associate Editor, Essence

In my more than 40 years in the news business (the last 20 working full time as a recruiter and mentor for people pursuing careers on the business and news side) it has been my good fortune to meet and mentor literally thousands of people pursuing careers in journalism and in higher education. The journey has allowed me to learn enough about people to make good assessments about their potential, integrity, ethics, reliability and ability to work with others side-by-side and, in many cases, as a manager of others.

It is my belief and feeling, Ms. Lamb ranks at the top in categories that measure a person’s achievement and success potential (initiative, articulation skills, integrity, reliability and collegiality), based on what I know about her directly and have learned from others who have worked with her in various capacities over the last two decades. She appreciates people, loves her work, and successfully tackles details and the big picture.

In sum, Ms. Lamb is an excellent candidate for a full professorship.

Reginald Stuart

Newspaper Correspondent, Corporate Recruiter, McClatchy Newspapers

I absolutely value the partnership that Yanick has cultivated with our news operation. Every Howard student that I have recruited through Yanick and hired as an intern at The AP came in newsroom ready and did not disappoint. All of them are working journalists today. (Click for full letter.)

Sonya Ross

Race & Ethnicity Editor, Associated Press

I am a PROUD graduate of Howard’s School of Communications (BA, Public Relations, 1986) and had the pleasure of knowing Yanick Rice Lamb personally and working with her in a variety of ways for more than 20 years.

When I met her in 1989, she was writing for the New York Times and I was working as a PR professional in New York City. Little did I know then that she and I would remain great friends and colleagues for so many fruitful years. I have marveled at how gracefully she’s conducted herself at every stop along her journey.

As an alum of the SOC, I have always appreciated the fact that our school had such well-known and nationally recognized professionals as Yanick on its faculty. She brings the weight of broad industry respect and a true passion for journalism that can only benefit the students, the school and the University.

I can think of no finer and more deserving person than Yanick. I just wish she could have been there when I was a student.

Christopher Cathcart

President, One Diaspora Group

Her experience in journalism and her concern for her students’ progress is unparalleled.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Prof. Lamb in 2007, two years before I had even enrolled in one of her classes. She was the gentle journalism giant that I knew I wanted to become. Prof. Lamb, however, taught me to be better. She taught me how to attack stories without compromising my personality and integrity — advice that I have taped to my computer screen at work.

I would not be the journalist I am today if Prof. Lamb did not mentor me. She is an invaluable part of the department and I am certain that other students will benefit from her passion.

Jamisha Purdy-Ford

CQ Now Deputy Editor, CQ Roll Call